Amos received his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University where he completed the first combined four-year bachelor’s and master’s of science degree in chemistry. After one year at the University of Pennsylvania medical school he moved to Rockefeller University where he earned a PhD in organic chemistry and then completed a year as a Research Associate at Rockefeller University. In 1973, he joined the University of Pennsylvania as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He is currently the Rhodes-Thompson Professor of Chemistry at Penn. His other duties at this time are as a Member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center and as Associate Director of the Penn Center for Molecular Discovery (PCMD).

Amos’s research encompasses three areas: natural product synthesis, bioorganic chemistry and materials science. He has supervised more than 120 PhD students and been advisor to almost 200 postdoctoral researchers. He has published more than 600 research papers and patents and given more than 600 invited lectures.

Amos has served on the editorial board of numerous prestigious journals including the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Organic Syntheses, Synlett and Tetrahedron. He is currently serving on the editorial boards of the Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Antibiotics and Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Organic Reactions, Inc. and Organic Synthesis, Inc. Amos has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of many companies and is currently on the board of Adesis, Inc., New Castle, DE and is a member, ESPCI International Council, Paris, France.

Amos has been very active in the American Chemical Society. He has been involved in the Division of Organic Chemistry and has had many roles such as member and chair of the nominating committee, member of the executive committee, member and chair of the fellowship committee, national organic symposium executive officer, chairman of the ACS task force to monitor the Journal of Organic Chemistry, chair-elect, chair, past-chair of the division and at one point he was on the selection committee to find an editor for the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Amos’s most significant volunteer role is as Editor-in-Chief of ACS’s Organic Letters. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief and holds that position today. Above is only a snapshot of Amos’s career accomplishments and his many contributions to ACS. This is enough to give you a sense of why Amos was selected in the inaugural class of the ACS Fellows.

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