Dr. Frank B. Mallory was elected as an American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow on the basis of his dedication to science and having served on the Executive Committee for the Division of Organic Chemistry of the ACS. Frank received a BS in chemistry with a minor in mathematics from Yale University (1954) and a PhD in chemistry with a minor in Physics from California Institute of Technology (1958). In 1957 he joined Bryn Mawr College as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. In 1963 he was promoted to Associate Professor and in 1969 to full Professor. He is currently the W. Alton Jones Research Professor of Chemistry. He served as chair of the department (1982-1992).

Frank has had several visiting appointments: University of Pennsylvania (visiting Scholar, 1988-1989), Yale University (visiting Professor, 1968 and 1977-1979), Cornell University (visiting Fellow, 1970-1971), State University of New York at Albany (visiting Professor, summer 1967), and California Institute of Technology (visiting Fellow, 1963-1964).

Some of Frank’s honors and awards are: American Chemical Society Philadelphia Section Award for Distinguished Research (1989), Fellow of the Inter-American Photochemistry Society Award for Lifetime Achievements in and Contributions to the Photochemical Sciences (2006), Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club Award for Distinguished Research (2000), Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching (1992), NSF Senior Postdoctoral Fellow (1970-1971), Bond Award of the American Oil Chemists’ Society (1970), Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (1964-1966 and 1966-1968), John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow (1963-1964), General Electric Company Fellow – California Institute of Technology (1956-1957), and NSF Predoctoral Fellow – California Institute of Technology (1954-1955), among others.

Over the years Frank has done quite a bit of volunteer work for the ACS including: Editorial Advisory Board for Organic Letters (1999-present), Philadelphia Local Section Awards Committee (1992-1998), Program Chair for the Division of Organic Chemistry and Coordinator for the Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Subject Area at the 1995 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (1992-1995), Advisory Board for Chemical Sciences Graduate School Finder (1991-present), National Organic Chemistry Symposium Past Executive Officer (1991-1992), National Organic Chemistry Symposium Executive Officer-elect (1988-1989), Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Organic Chemistry (1986-1993), Lecture Tour Speaker (1967), and Visiting Associate for the Professional Training Committee (1961-present).

On the ACS website for the 2014 list of ACS Fellows Frank’s contribution to the science profession was stated as: “Recognized for syntheses and mechanistic studies of the photocyclizations of stilbenes and other 1,2-diarylalkenes, and also NMR studies of the distance dependence of coupling constants between intramolecular pairs of F-19 substituents.” A comment about contribution to the ACS community is “Served on the Executive Committee of the Division of Organic Chemistry from 1986–1992 and served as the Executive Officer of the National Organic Chemistry Symposium from 1989–1991.”

The above demonstrates Frank’s volunteer work for the ACS and promotion of science and reasons for his being chosen as a 2014 ACS Fellow.