Michelle received her BS (1979) and PhD (1983) in chemistry, both from the University of California at Irvine and was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University (1983-1985). In 1986 she joined Bryn Mawr College as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and in 1992 was promoted to Associate Professor and in 2001 to full Professor, her current position. She is currently Professor of Chemistry on the Clowes Fund for Science and Public Policy. Michelle has had several visiting appointments: at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Physicist) (1998-1999); Princeton University (Visiting Fellow, 1992-1993); James Franck Institute, University of Chicago (Visiting Fellow 1992); and Haverford College (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1985-1986). Some of her awards and distinctions are the McPherson Award for excellence in teaching, research and service (2003); ISI List of Top 1000 most cited chemists (1981-1997); Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award (1994) and Rosalyn R. Schwartz Lectureship (1987-1991).

Michelle was nominated and selected as a 2009 ACS Fellow through her involvement in the technical Division of Computers in Chemistry. As a member of COMP she has held many positions, including Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair (2003-2005). Michelle represented COMP as a member of Council (1999-2007). She is currently Coordinator of Education Programs. Some of Michelle’s national involvement in ACS was as a member of the Divisional Activities Committee (2000-2005), of which she was Vice-Chair (2005) and Secretary (2003-2004). She was on the Nominations & Elections Committee (2006-2008) and on the Board Oversight Group on Leadership Development of the ACS (2004-2009). Some of Michelle’s other professional activities are columnist in Nature Chemistry, Board of Examiners (Chemistry GRE), and OXIDE (Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity) Advisory Board. She is currently serving on the C&E News Editorial Advisory Board.

In addition to her position as Professor of Chemistry, Michelle has held the following positions at Bryn Mawr College: Co-Director, Emily Balch Seminar Program; Chair, Department of Chemistry; and Director, Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center. Some of Michelle’s other service at Bryn Mawr College are as a member of the Curriculum Committee, the Abu Dhabi Working Group (Chair in 2008), the College Seminar Steering Committee (1998-2007), Faculty Grand Marshal (2000-2006), among others.

Michelle has written a couple of articles for Slate magazine and these can be located at http://www.slate.com/authors.michelle_m_francl.html and the URL http://cultureofchemistry.fieldofscience.com is for her blog.

The above is only a snapshot of Michelle’s career accomplishments and her many contributions to ACS.