Dr. Steven A. Fleming was elected as an ACS Fellow on the basis of his dedication to science and volunteer work for the American Chemical Society. Steve received a BS in chemistry from the University of Utah (1978) and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin (1984). He was a NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University (1984-1986).

Steve’s professional career began in 1986 when he joined Brigham Young University (BYU) as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. In 1992 he was promoted to Associate Professor and in 2000 to full Professor. In 2008 he moved to Temple University as a Professor of Teaching. He is the unofficial coordinator of organic chemistry instruction at Temple. Steve is the co-author of an organic chemistry textbook (used at approximately 35 schools), co-author of ACS organic exams, and primary author of organic reaction animations and bio-organic reaction animations.

Steve’s scholastic honors include: Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award at Temple (2011); University Maeser Teaching Award (highest teaching award at BYU; 2002); Outstanding Achievement in Creative Works at BYU (2001); Student Award for Teaching (2001); College Teaching Award (1998); and Department Teaching Award (1995).

Some of Steve’s current and past professional activities are: member of the American Chemical Society (1978-present), member of the Inter-American Photochemical Society (1991-present), member of Sigma Xi (1982-present), Chair of the Organic Division at BYU Chemistry Department (1995-1997), and Chair of the Organic & Biomolecular Division at the BYU Chemistry Department (2006-2008).

While working at BYU Steve was very active in the American Chemical Society at both the local and national levels. He served as Chair for the Joint 2008 NORM/RMRM ACS Meeting (2006-2008); Chair of the National Meetings & Expositions Committee (2004-2005); Chair of the ACS Meetings & Expositions Site Selection Subcommittee (2000-2003); Councilor for the Central Utah Local Section (1991-2008); National Chemistry Week Poster Session organizer (1990-2007); co-organizer for the Park City Regional Meeting (1995); and Chair of the Central Utah Local Section (1989).

Once Steve moved to the Philadelphia area he became active in the Philadelphia Local Section. He served as Past-Chair (2015), Chair (2014), Chair-Elect (2013), Chair of the Awards Committee (2013), and on the Board of Directors (2012-2013).

The above is just a sampling of various awards and dedicated service to ACS and indicates why Steve was chosen as one of the 2015 ACS Fellows.