AMY BROWN, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Neumann University

Education:  BS Biochemistry, Lafayette College, 2000; PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Buffalo the State University of New York, 2006; Post-doctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2008

Honors and Professional Societies:  American Association for the Advancement of Science; ACS; Faculty Advisor to Gamma Iota, Neumann University chapter of the Sigma Zeta National Math and Honor Society (2015-present); Site director for the Southeast Regional Science Olympiad (2020); Excellence in Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching, Neumann University (2014); William Forris Hart ’27 Organic Chemistry Prize – Lafayette College (2000)

ACS Membership:  1998; Philadelphia Local Section (1998-present)

Local Section participation: Philadelphia Local Section Board of Directors (2019-present)

Statement:  It has been such a privilege to serve on the Board of Directors for the past three years.  During my tenure, I have gained a better understanding of the various roles that ACS plays in the local scene as well as the national one.  While it was a tumultuous time for the Board with the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we adopted the necessary tools to push through it.  Although I have been more of a listener during my term due to inexperience, I would love the opportunity to serve on the Board again and share some ideas that would promote the participation of our members.  It is important that we actively seek the involvement of all ages to support an inclusive environment, one of which I have learned all too well within the past year.  A recent pelvic injury has forced me to adapt in ways I never thought possible.  Being disabled, I now have a different kind of lens than most and could offer out-of-the box types of solutions that could serve the Philadelphia Local Section of the American Chemical Society very well.


JARROD COHEN, Sr. Scientist, Analytical Research and Development, Merck

Education: BS Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University, 2015; PhD Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, 2020

Professional Positions: Scientist II, Secant Group, Telford, PA (2021 – 2022); Sr. Scientist, Analytical Research & Development, West Point, PA (2022 – present)

Honors and Professional Societies: Deans List – The Pennsylvania State University (2011 – 2015); American Chemical Society (2011 – Present); Society for Biomaterials (2016 – 2020); American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (2021 – Present); Rutgers University Society for Biomaterials Student Chapter (2018-2019); President of Student Chapter (2018 – 2019)

ACS Membership: 2011; Philadelphia Local Section (2011-present); ACS Division of Business Development and Management (2021 – present); ACS Division of Professional Relations (2015– present), ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry (2015 – 2021); ACS Division of Polymer Materials and Science Engineering (2015 – present)

National Participation: ACS Student Member (2011-present); Newsletter Editor and Email Communications, ACS Division of Professional Relations (2015 – 2020); Programming Chair, ACS Division of Professional Relations (2020 – present); Treasurer, ACS Division of Professional Relations (2021 – present); Associate Member, Committee on Divisional Activities (2022 – present)

Statement: I am pleased to have the opportunity to run for the position of Director for the Philadelphia Local Section. As a Director on the Board, it is my goal to bring more connectivity from the National level down to the local sections. To date, most of my involvement has been at the national level, serving on technical division executive committees and on national committees but I am running to reconnect with my local section and bring my valuable learnings at the national level to our board. Some of the key focus areas that overlap and interest me the most include membership engagement, establishing membership value, increasing networking events and opportunities, establishing new resources for diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect as it aligns for the society mission, and expanding focus in the local section and society to provide resources for all sectors of the chemical enterprise including non-traditional career paths. These focuses align with work I have championed nationally within the Division of Professional Relations, and I hope to be able to bring these values to our local section. Engaging younger chemists, while constantly learning from those who have been long time members of the local section and society will result in a thriving local section. I look forward to engaging with all of our local section members and providing an avenue for members to help provide for our local section and get involved.


JASON P. CROSS; bio not provided


ANNE S. DeMASI, Global Regulatory Manager, Livent Corporation

Education: BS Chemistry/Biochemistry, Chestnut Hill College, 1986; MS Biochemistry, Villanova University, 1989

Professional Positions: Global regulatory Manager – Livent Corporation (2019 – present); Hazard Communication Manager – LANXESS Solutions, US (2017- 2019); Chemtura Corporation, (2010-2013), Senior Hazard Communication and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Dow Chemical Company/Rohm and Haas Company (2000- 2009), Senior Research Scientist, Rohm and Haas Company (1988-2000)

Awards: Philadelphia Local Section Service Award (1996); Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service, YCC Outstanding Event, (1997)

ACS Membership: 1982, Division of Chemical Health and Safety, (2016- 2017) BMGT (2018-present, served as Program Chair, currently Chair-Elect)

Local Section Participation: Chair-Elect, (2001;Chair, 2002): Nominations Committee Chair, (2003); Secretary, (1993-95, 2005-2007); Board of Directors, (1991-present); Younger Chemists Committee, Chairperson, (1991-97); Program Committee, (1992); National Chemistry Week Committee, (1992-2005) Chair, (2004,2005); Graduate School Forum, Co-Chair, (1992-2010); 100th Anniversary Committee, (1998); Project Labs, (1998), Chair of Philadelphia Councilors, (2007-2011), Publicity chair, MARM, (2007); Councilor, (2004 – 2022)

National Participation: Committee on Corporation Associates (2006 – 2019) Chair (2007-2012); Chair, Corporation Associates Strategic Awards and Investments sub-committee (2013- 2019), BMGT Program Chair, 2019, Chair-Elect 2022) Councilor, (2006-present)

Statement:  It has been my honor to serve as a member of the Board of the Directors for the Philadelphia Local Section since 1991. I am as committed to the local section today as I was on that first day of service.

Having served as a leader at both the local section and national level I feel I can add further value to the Society which has served me so well. I have seen things done well and not so well. My experience enables me to help the section move forward as I am well aware of its challenges (decreasing membership, administrative support) and its successes (too numerous to mention, check out our website and The Catalyst, please).  It has been my pleasure to serve the ACS in many capacities and I welcome the opportunity to expand my service as a member of the Board of Directors. I’ve been told that I am adept at building bridges and have a reputation for “getting things done”.  I’d be honored to do that as a member of the Board.


WEI GAO, Principal Research Scientist, Core R&D, Dow Inc.

Education: BS Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Fudan University, 1991; MS Biomedical Engineering, Tianjin University, 1993; PhD Polymer Chemistry/Physics, Beijing University, 1997

Professional Positions: Dow, Inc.\Rohm & Haas, Collegeville PA (2006-present); NYU Tandon school of Engineering \Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY (1999-2006); Institute of Chemistry, Chinese academy of Sciences, Beijing, China (1997-1999)

Honors and Professional Societies: Industrial Chemist Award from ACS Philadelphia Local Section (2021); ACS POLY division fellow (2021); Vernon A. Strenger Scientists’ Award for meritorious achievement in analytical science by the global analytical science laboratories of The Dow Chemical Company (2019);  Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award by US Environmental Protection Agency (2013); NOVA Innovation Award (Rohm and Haas Company employee innovation award) (2008); Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award by US Environmental Protection Agency (2003); Lifetime member, Executive committee member (2021-present) and Secretary (2022-present) for Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS); Scientific Committee (2018-present) and conference chair (2022) for Field Flow Fractionation Society(FFF)

ACS Membership: 2000; Philadelphia Local Section (2006-present)

National Participation: Technical symposium organizer in national meetings for POLY and ENFL divisions (10 symposia, 2014-present); Alternate Councilor, Division of Polymer Chemistry (2021-present); ACS Career consultant (2021-present)

Statement: I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Local Section of the ACS. I hope to have the opportunity to serve ACS members in the Philadelphia Local Section with my ACS organizational experience to achieve the section goals. In addition, there are two areas that I hope to be able to enhance with my service. First, the Philadelphia area is rich in chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and with many high-quality universities. Further bridge industry with academia can bring tremendous benefits to our members. Special seminar series can be set-up to promote the collaboration on research as well as on commercialization. Second, I am passionate about helping future talents to grow although I am not a faculty in education. Additional mentorship or internship programs can be established to help students gain industrial experience, while to help industrial participants to find talents. With my industry experience and this potential opportunity in the Philadelphia Local Section, I hope we can make this happen. I would appreciate your support and be thrilled to serve as a member of the Board of directors.


MATTHEW IRWIN, Principal Investigator, Electronics & Industrial, DuPont

Education: BE Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, 2011; PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2016

Professional Positions: Scientist, Axalta Coating Systems, Philadelphia, PA (2016 – 2019); Team Manager, Axalta Coating Systems, Philadelphia, PA (2019 – 2021); Principal Investigator, DuPont, Wilmington, DE (2021 – Present)

Honors and Professional Societies: Tau Beta Pi; American Chemical Society (ACS); NSF GRFP Fellow (2011 – 2016)

ACS Membership: 2020; Philadelphia Local Section (2020 – Present)

Local Section Participation: Program Planning Committee (2020 – present), organized a Mini-Leadership Development Institute (originally targeted for in-person in fall of 2021) and the 2021 Edgar Fahs Smith lecture (rescheduled to fall 2022)

Statement: I am pleased to run for the position of Director of the Philadelphia Local Section. Through my involvement with the Program Planning Committee, I’ve come to appreciate the important role the Philadelphia chapter of the ACS plays in supporting the community and developing talent. I’ve been proud to help plan the Edgar Fahs Smith lecture and a Mini-Leadership Development Institute, and though the pandemic has postponed these in-person events, I’m confident that the groundwork we completed ensures that the events will be a success in the future.

As a candidate for Director, my goal is to provide tactical and organizational support for the committees of the section. To this end, I would leverage my experience as President of the Junior Technical Professionals group at Axalta Coating Systems which, under my leadership, formed committees on professional development, networking, and outreach to better serve and retain early career employees at our site. The past few years have shown the utility and pitfalls of various forms of communication and planning, and my own experiences have taught me that being mindful of the work and communication style of individuals helps to build a stronger, more engaged, and more productive team.


STEVEN M. LaMONACA, Senior Analytical Chemist, LANXESS

Education: BS Biochemistry, Albright College 2012

Professional Positions: Dow-Dupont-LANXESS (2018-Present); JRF America (2012-2018)

Honors and Professional Societies: Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Forum Awards Chair (2019-Present); Pi Kappa Phi (Zeta Chi) – Scholarship Chair; Student Action Committee – Vice President

ACS Membership: 2009

Local Section Participation: Assistant to the Secretary (2019-2021); Alternate Councilor; Industrial Relations Committee (2021-present); Program Planning Committee (2020-2021)

Statement: I am very excited and gracious to run for the position of Board of Directors for the American Chemical Society Philadelphia Local Section. I have worked closely with the Board of Directors over the past two and a half years preparing the meeting minutes and roll for the board of directors’ meetings, on behalf of the current secretary (2021). The board of directors have successfully approved all of the minutes for the 2021, a major accomplishment.

I am actively involved in American Chemical Society activities and forums. I voluntarily tutor young chemists in high school and college academia. I am fully committed and willing to take on this crucial position for the betterment of our fellow scientists. I am passionate for STEM outreach and diversity. I understand the obligations and commitments responsible for this position. In my current role at LANXESS I serve as the Safety Action Committee Leader and Hazardous Waste Officer along with my analytical duties. I am able to work efficiently and multi-task. More importantly I am able to understand where individuals have difficulties or have pertinent ideas to help ACS prosper. The Philadelphia Local Section is one of the largest sections in the country and I would be ecstatic to work alongside such wonderful colleagues, if elected.

I have had the pleasure of working with different committees within the local section and helping plan the yearly program and work on specific events. Additionally, as we launch the industrial relations committee, I will help foster ideas of inclusion and diversity within our group. I bring an enthusiastic attitude and am always willing to take the extra step. I am very diligent in my work and promise to promote the fundamentals of the American Chemical Society.


ZIANG LI, Senior Research Engineer, Microbial Control, LANXESS

Education: BS in Chemical Engineering (Highest Honor), University of Texas at Austin, 2012; PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, 2018

Professional Positions: 3M, Corporate Research Process Lab, Minnesota, MN, 2018-2020; DuPont/IFF, Nutrition and Biosciences, Wilmington, DE, 2020-2022

Honors and Professional Societies: Epsilon Chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon (2010-2012); Industrial Partnership for Research in Interfacial and Materials Engineering (2015-2018); American Physics Society (2016-2018); ACS POLY/PMSE University of Minnesota Student Chapter (2015-2018)

ACS Membership: 2015; Philadelphia Local Section (2021-present)

Local Section Participation: Philadelphia Local Section Event planning committee, Coordination of the Section Award and Edgar Fahs Smith Lecturer in 2021

Statement: I am honored to have the opportunity to run for a Director position for the position of Board of Directors for the Philadelphia Local Section. I’ve been actively involved in various local events and helped to coordinate a few of them in the middle of a pandemic, since I moved to the Philadelphia area in 2020. I have yet to participate in any leadership roles within our Local Section. If elected to the position, I will work hard to promote and improve local events in the following areas:

  • Invite new and existing students and career professionals to be more involved in the local in-person and/or hybrid events to regain the momentum from the pandemic (e.g., bringing more diversified cultural events to the local chemistry community such as Lunar new year and Diwali celebrations).
  • Expand our current career services to new programs such as mentorship paring (e.g., between student and professionals both in academia and industry) and early career workshop, by leveraging the professional resources and networks we have at the local section.

Please allow me to bring my background, experience, and enthusiasm to serve the ACS Philadelphia Local Section.


CHRISTINE E. McINNIS, Staff Scientist and Team Lead, Biochemistry and Interfacial Sciences, IFF

Education:  BS Chemistry and Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2006; PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2011

ACS Membership:  2006; Wisconsin Local Section Younger Chemists Committee, founder: 2009; Philadelphia Local Section:  2011-present

Local Section Participation: YCC Chair (2012-2019); Board of Directors (2016-2019); Councilor (2017-present); Chair Succession (2020-2022); currently Immediate Past Chair

National Participation: National Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) (2010); Local and Regional Affairs working group chairman (2011-2018); Career Consultant, (2016-present); CEPA member (2019-present)

Statement:  I have come to learn that the Philadelphia Local Section of the ACS is steeped in a rich history and that we are blessed to have many experienced members of the section with us today. I have also had the privilege of working with several very talented younger chemists to develop and improve our Section programming. My goal for the section is to improve cohesiveness within the section. We have made some great progress in this area, but I feel that there is still a lot to be done. I look forward to working with many of the section’s committees including the communications committee and the social committee to continue on our journey of becoming a stronger local section that appeals to a wide variety of members. Let’s find a way to honor tradition while being dynamic enough to adjust as necessary.

On the National level, I hope to continue serving on Committee for Economic and Professional Affairs also known as CEPA. I currently serve on the subcommittee working to improve the course content of the Career Services Courses, coming up with plans to help our fellow chemists in cases of mass layoffs, and honoring local sections and divisions with ChemLuminaries. I am also chairing a task force to evaluate how to best offer programming to members in the future including evaluating the current mix of in person and virtual programs. I feel passionately about helping all chemists find careers that they enjoy and also love serving as a Career Consultant on a National and Local level.


JOHN MILLIGAN, Assistant Professor, College of Life Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University

Education: BS Chemistry, Allegheny College, 2012; PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 2018

Professional Positions: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2018-2019; Assistant Professor, Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, College of Life Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University, 2019-present

Honors and Professional Societies: Philadelphia Organic Chemists Club; Sigma Xi

ACS Membership: 2008; Pittsburgh Local Section (2008-2020); Philadelphia Local Section (2021-present)

National Participation: ACS Division of Organic Chemistry (2008-present)

Local Section Participation: Volunteer (2021-present)

Statement: I am pleased to run for the position of Councilor for the Philadelphia Local Section. As a faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, I have the opportunity to work in the trenches of chemistry education and research. My experience and perspective will be a benefit to the local section.

My goal for the section is to increase opportunities for collaboration between experienced and younger chemists (including undergraduate/graduate students, postdocs, and early career chemists), as well as working to increase the representation and inclusion of younger chemists in the activities of the section. I intend to work with the leadership of the local Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) to better support their ongoing positive work in this area at the section level. I am passionate about this aim because career opportunities in chemistry are clearly wider and more varied than they were in decades past, and I see an opportunity for the section to better educate and support young chemists in their career ambitions (especially chemists from underrepresented groups).

Specific ways in which I hope to achieve this goal is by planning and facilitating more section-sponsored in-person events targeted at career education and networking. For example, this past spring I worked with Michael Castaldi, a former section board member, to plan a career education and networking event at the Science History Institute. As a Councilor, I would like to expand this to become a larger annual section event and develop other similar opportunities in the future. I aspire to work with other section officers, our local academic and industrial stakeholders, and similarly-minded local organizations (such as local Sigma Xi chapters and the Philadelphia Organic Chemists Club) to orchestrate opportunities that are informative and enriching for all section members.


KATHLEEN ANN (KATHY) THRUSH SHAGINAW, Particular Solutions, Inc. (a consulting firm founded in 2001 specializing in chemical education), Community College of Philadelphia (since 2001), industrial chemist with Cabot Corporation, the PQ Corporation, Engelhard Corporation, and Exxon Chemical Company (1984 – 2001)

Education: BS Chemistry, Oakland University, Rochester, MI  1978; BA Mathematics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI  1978; PhD Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX  1984

Honors and Professional Societies: member of the Chemical Consultants network (since 2001); American Association of University Women (AAUW) (since 1988, numerous positions, including Branch President; honored by the Easton, Northeast Montgomery County (NEMCO), and Makefield Area Branches as AAUW Education Foundation Named-Gift Honoree and Woman of the Year; and served on PA AAUW State Board of Directors (2008 – 2012)); Delaware Valley Science Council Board (1999–2017), President 2004 – 2006); Villanova University Bridge Builder Award for Excellence in Teaching Undergraduate Students with Learning Disabilities (2005); Elizabeth Bingham Award by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Women In Science (AWIS) (2008); ACS national Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC) (2011–2015, Tools, Technologies, and Operations Subcommittee Vice-Chair 2013 – 2015; Communications Subcommittee Vice-Chair 2015); ACS Philadelphia Local Section Volunteer of the Year (2013); and ACS National Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) (2016 – present, Awards Subcommittee)

ACS Membership: 1978 (1976 as student affiliate); Philadelphia Local Section (1997-present)

Local Section Participation: Chair Women Chemists’ Committee (WCC) (since founding in 1998); Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) Program Chair  (formerly Expand Your Horizons, since 1999); Board of Directors (since 2001); Diversity Committee (since founding in 2001); Chemical Consultants Network (since 2001); Salute to Excellence Award (2006); Philadelphia Local Section Service Award (2006); Alternate Councilor (2008 – 2009, 2016 – 2017); Councilor (2010 – 2015; 2018 – present); and Volunteer of the Year (2013)

National Participation: Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC) (2011 – 2015; Subcommittee Vice-Chair, 2013 – 2015); Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) (2016 – present; Awards Subcommittee Chair 2019 – present); and Councilor (2010 – 2015 and 2018 – present)

Statement: I have been an active member of the Section since moving to the area in 1997. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the Philadelphia Local Section as Director, Councilor, and Alternate Councilor. I ask for your vote for Director so that I can creatively represent you and build a stronger ACS Philadelphia Local Section.

2019 marks twenty years of my leadership of the Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) program.  This event has reached thousands of girls inspiring them to explore STEM careers and is a great networking opportunity for scientists and teachers. It is hoped that the event will resume in Fall 2022.

As Councilor, I served on the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC) as a subcommittee Vice-Chair, providing access to resources that facilitate and support enriched engagement among the LSAC, Local Section Leadership, and other stakeholders.

In my current role on the Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC), I Chair the Awards subcommittee, recognizing excellence in public outreach by Local Sections and individuals. I am passionate about improving public understanding and appreciation of chemistry’s contributions to people’s lives.

As Director, I will continue to utilize my experience in industry, academia, and community organizations to create opportunities that enhance members’ professional and personal development and increase the visibility of the Philadelphia Local Section.

Thank you for your vote.

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