Anthony W. (Tony) ADDISON, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Drexel University

Education:  BSc (Hons.) Applied Chemistry, University of New South Wales, 1968; PhD Inorganic Chemistry, University of Kent at Canterbury, 1971; postdoctoral fellow, Northwestern University, 1970-72

Professional Positions:  Assistant Prof., University of British Columbia, 1972-78; Associate Prof., Drexel University, 1978-91; Professor 1991-2017; Associate Dept. Head, 1987-99; Dept. Head, 2000-03

Honors and Professional Societies:  Elected ACS Fellow, 2012; Member, Royal Society of Chemistry (1969-present, elected a Fellow, 2008, Member, Dalton Division, Inorganic Biochemistry, Electron Spin Resonance, & Macrocycles Subject Groups); Member, Chemical Institute of Canada/Canadian Society for Chemistry (1974–present); Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (elected a Fellow, 2016); International EPR/ESR Society (2002–present); The ACS Philadelphia Section Award, 2016; ACS Philadelphia Section Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service, presented at the Section Centennial Gala, April 1999; Le Conférencier, la Convention Intercantonale Romande d’Enseignement du 3e Cycle en Chimie, Switzerland, October 1990; Christian & Mary Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1987; The John van Geuns Fonds Lecturer, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 1985; Elected Honorary Member of Phi Eta Sigma, 1982; Australian Commonwealth Scholar (1964-67); Adjunct Associate Professor, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Memorial Hospital at Camden, 1991-2009

ACS Membership:  1974-present; Philadelphia Section:  1978-present; Inorganic Division (1974) & Bioinorganic Subdivision

National Participation: Associate/Member, Committee on Meetings & Expositions, & Regional Meetings Subcommittee, 2008-2015; Member, ACS National Award Committee, 2007-09; Associate & Member, ACS Joint Board/Council Committee on Publications, 2016-2021

Regional Participation:  Program Chair, 30th Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM), Villanova, PA, 1996; Program Co-Chair, 39th MARM, Collegeville, PA, 2007; Member/Associate Mid-Atlantic Region Board 2005–; Member, Mid-Atlantic Region Awards Committee, 2010, 2013-2015

Local Section Participation:  Section Chair, 1989; Publications/Communications Committee (1979-present, Chair 1981-87); Member, Section Board of Directors, 1987-90; Section Nominations Committee (1990-91); Chairman, ad hoc Committee on Awards for Excellence in Pre-College Teaching, 1991; Section Alternate Councilor, 1994-97, 2019-2020; Section Councilor, 2003-2018; Section Alternate Councilor, 2019-2021; Member, Section Awards Committee, 2006-2008; Section Liaison to the Mid-Atlantic Region Board, 2013–present

Statement:  I’m glad to be able to say that I survived the past year or so, and should be pleased to continue to be included in voicing at the ACS Council meetings the views of our Section’s members on matters of interest to our Section.  It’s important that you exercise your vote in the election of your local ACS Section’s officers, and that you communicate with them and tell them what you want from your local Section and from the national level, and also tell them what you have to offer in turn.  Since previously serving as a Councilor for a period from the early 2000’s, I have attended nearly all of the Beta ACS National Meetings since then, often in conjunction with a research presentation by myself or by my students.  It’s been my observation, that the ideas and opinions that are voiced at Council really do guide the course of the Society’s activities and development.  As a Member of the Society’s Committee on Meetings & Expositions, I was able to propose successfully that Philadelphia be the site of the 2020 Spring meeting.  I assured my colleagues that we’d have perfect weather for it, which unfortunately I was wrong about, but it didn’t matter anyhow!  I hope that those of you who’ve been associated with our Section for a few years have found my past semiannual “News from Council” articles in the Catalyst to be appropriately reflective of the Philadelphia viewpoint, while offering occasional insight into what’s controversial or significant in the Society that will affect us.  Vote !


(Revised 1999)
GEORGIA A. ARBUCKLE-KEIL, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden, NJ; Masters in Chemistry Program Director, 2004-10; 2011-17

Education:  BA, Rutgers, The State University of NJ, 1983; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1987

Honors and Professional Societies:  Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service, Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society, 2006; E. Emmet Reid Award given by the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) of the American Chemical Society for outstanding achievement in teaching chemical sciences at small colleges within the Mid-Atlantic Region, 2005;  Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society Excellence in Undergraduate Education in the Chemical Sciences Award, sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc., 2004;  Provosts Teaching Excellence Award, Rutgers University, 2000

ACS Membership:  1982; Philadelphia Section:  1982

National Participation:  Member, Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS), 2015-22; Associate Member CCS 2012-14; Member Affairs Committee (MAC), 2009-11; Member, Admissions Committee, 2005-2009; Associate Member, Admissions 2003-2004; Associate Member, Project SEED, 2004

Local Section Participation:  Councilor 2002-2010, 2012-2020; Alternate Councilor 2011, 2021; Chair, Philadelphia Section, 2001; Philadelphia Section Board of Directors, 1994-2002

Statement: (Councilor 1998)  Councilors attend the national meetings and volunteer year-round in support of society goals. Thank you for your support that has enabled me to participate at the national level. My service included Project SEED committee, Member Affairs and currently, the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS).

As a member of the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS), I applaud the recognition of safety as a core value of the society.  Recently, I had the opportunity to serve on the sub-committee of CCS which revised the publication for undergraduate students: “Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories: Best Practices for First- and Second-Year University Students” now in the 8th edition. A PDF copy is available free of charge at:

I am currently working with a sub-group of CCS to update academic safety videos; this project was delayed due to COVID-19 challenges, but I would like to continue to serve on this project. I enjoy sharing my expertise in the support of student safety and with your support I will continue to serve the society.

Please allow me to continue to serve the society at the National level by election as Councilor!

Thank you for your support.


CATHERINE M. BENTZLEY, Assistant/Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia PA 1997-present; Assistant Chair, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 2013-present

Education:  BA, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA, 1992; PhD, University of Delaware/DuPont Fellowship 1997

Honors and Professional Societies:  Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group Chair 2000-2002, Chair Elect 1999-2000, Secretary 1997-1999; Philadelphia Section of the American Chemical Society Board of Directors 2001-2006; Delaware Valley Science Council Board of Directors 1998-2008; Recipient of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Outward Bound Scholarship for Leadership Enhancement for Teachers, 2003; USciences Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman Professor of the Year, 1999

ACS Membership:  1992; Analytical Division:  1992; Philadelphia Section:  1997

National Participation:  American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter Reports Reviewer 2016-present; Attended ACS COMPASS “Career And Occupational Mentoring for the Professional Advancement of Science Students” Spring 2021 Workshop; Co-published with students The ACS Student Chapter at University of the Sciences 2006: Developing A Successful Spark Behind the Science” Building and Maintaining Award Winning ACS Student Member Chapters Volume

Local Section Participation:  Philadelphia Section Board of Directors 2001-2006; Philadelphia Section Career Services Committee January 2021-present

Statement:  I am excited to be nominated for the positions of Director and Councilor of the Philadelphia Section. I have been involved with the Philadelphia Section early in my academic career (Board of Directors 2001-2006) and I welcome the opportunity to return with renewed energy.

For the last decade I have spearheaded the professional development curriculum at USciences. I am currently a member of the Philadelphia Career Services Committee and I recently attended an ACS-COMPASS workshop.  Therefore, I am looking to expand the programs I’ve piloted at USciences to a regional/national level with the help of the Career Committee. My ideas include regional, Zoom mock interviews, resume clinics, and elevator speech contests.

In addition, I have been the co-advisor to the USciences ACS student affiliate, an Outstandingly ranked chapter, which in 2012 co-pioneered the Annual Philadelphia Intercollegiate Chemistry Olympics and in 2016 contributed to an ACS volume series on How to Build a Successful ACS Student Affiliate Chapter.

By combining my strong interest in career services with my excitement to connect with all University students I aspire to promote the Philadelphia area for excellence in undergraduate, professional development!

Please allow me the opportunity to serve and thank you for your time and consideration.


Benjamin Blass, No Biography Provided


Michael Castaldi, Process and Medicinal Chemist, Pfizer Global Research, 1982-2019. (retired), Scientist in Residence, St. Peter University 2009-2019.  Adjunct Professor Widener and Jefferson University 2018-present

Education:  BS Chemistry, St. Peter University, Jersey City, NJ, 2006; MS Science Education, Columbia University 2015

ACS Membership:  1977-present; Career Consultants:  2019-present

Local Section:  Senior Chemist Chair, 2012; Board of Directors, 2015-2021; Alternate Councilor, 2017-2019

Statement:  I am seeking a position as Councilor for the Philadelphia Section as I wish to increase my involvement with the National Section.  I bring a unique prospective to the section and society as I am a retired industrial chemist who changed careers in middle age to academia.  I am now transitioning to full retirement and now have more time to devote to the society.  By serving the section as councilor I am hoping to increase the involvement of new chemist to participate in running and attendance of local and national meetings.  Finally, I would like to continue my mentorship of the younger members to aid in the continuation of our profession.


Jason P. CROSS, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Ursinus College

Education:  BSC Environmental and Medicinal Chemistry, Brunel University, London, UK, 1998; PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Surrey, 2003

Professional Positions:  Temple University, 2006-2011. Delaware Valley College, 2011-2014. Drexel University, 2014-2020, Ursinus College, 2020-present

Honors and Professional Societies:  ACS Philadelphia Section Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2013. Most Valuable Professor, Drexel University, 2020

ACS Membership:  Philadelphia Section: 2011-present

Local Section Participation:  Board of Directors 2014-present; Chair of Tellers Committee 2016-present; Awards Committee 2016-2020

Statement:  I am honored to run for both councilor and director positions in this upcoming election.  I have been actively involved in the local section in many capacities since 2011.  I currently serving on the board of directors as well as being the chair of the Tellers Committee.  Since being involved in the Philadelphia Section, I have encouraged and sought new membership for the section as this is a priority to keep the section strong and involving new membership in section activities.  I also seek to improve the dialogue between the section and membership to promote services and events.  I aim to represent all members of the chemistry community in the Philadelphia section by promoting diversity and inclusion within our section.  I am a relatively new in terms of my time on the board of directors.  We need new blood in the section so please vote.


ANNE DeMASI, Livent Corporation

Education:  BS Chemistry/Biochemistry, Chestnut Hill College, 1986; MS Biochemistry, Villanova University, 1989

Professional positions:  Livent Corporation, Global Regulatory Manager, 2020-2021 LANXESS Global Hazard Communication Manager, 2017-2020, Chemtura, Global Hazard Communication Manager, 2010–17; Dow Chemical/Rohm and Haas, Senior Hazard Communication and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, 2000–09; Rohm and Haas, Senior Research Scientist, 1988–2000

Honors:  ACS Fellow, 2014; ACS YCC Outstanding Event, 1997; ACS Philadelphia Section Service Award, 1996; Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service

ACS Membership:  Member of ACS since 1991. Member CHAS (2015-2015), BMGT (program Chair 2017-2020)

National Participation:  Audit Committee, 2020-2021; Committee on Corporation Associates, 2007–12, chair, 2010–12; Service in ACS offices: Philadelphia Section: board of directors, 1991– 2021; councilor, 2004–21; secretary, 2006–07, 2000, 1994–95; chair, 2005, 2001–02; chair-elect, 2001; National Chemistry Week committee, 1992– 2005, chair, 2004–05; Philadelphia councilors, chair, 2007–11; Graduate School Forum, cochair, 1992–2010; Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, publicity chair, 2007; 100th Anniversary Committee, 1998; Project Labs, 1998; Younger Chemists Committee, chair, 1991–97; Program Committee, 1992

Statement:  As a student, researcher, and EH&S professional, ACS has always been pertinent for me. It has been my pleasure to serve ACS in many capacities, and I welcome the opportunity to extend my service as a member of the Council Committee. I am thankful and humbled that my fellow Councilors have selected me to Chair the Local Section Council Committee for many years up until today. Having served as a leader at both the Local Section and National level, I feel I can add further value to the Society that has served me so well. The role of a Councilor is important to all Philadelphia Local Section members as we vote on many of the issues and programs that are meaningful to the entire membership. Experience across the Society is very helpful for those who serve in this capacity. I’ve been told that I am adept at building bridges and have a reputation for “getting things done.” I’d be honored to continue to do that as a Local Section Council Representative.


Rick Ewing, Senior Director, Discovery Chemistry, Bristol Myers Squibb

Education:  BS Chemistry, West Chester University, West Chester, PA, 1983; PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 1988

Professional Positions:  Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton NJ (2000-present); Rhone Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi) 1989-2000

Honors and Professional Societies:  ACS Fellow, Ondetti Cushman Award 2018

ACS Membership:  National 1986-present; ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry; ACS Division of Organic Chemistry; Philadelphia Local Section

National Participation:  Chair (2020-present) Committee on Meetings and Expositions; Chair (2015- 2017) American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Professional and Economic Affairs (CEPA); ACS Corporate Associates (CA) Representative (2006-present), Co-Chair (2019-2021) Presidential task force on Redesigning the American Chemical Society’s National and Regional Meetings; ACS Presidential task force on chemistry jobs (2015-2016); ACS Presidential task force on Supply and Demand : STEM education and employment outlook in the US (2013-2014)

Local Section Participation:  Chair Philadelphia Local Section (2012, 2016), Board of Directors Philadelphia Local Section (2010-2020)

Statement:  I am excited to run for the position of Councilor for the Philadelphia Section. In my past appointments as Councilor, I have had the honor to represent the Philadelphia Section in several Leadership roles; chairing the Committee on Meetings and Expositions (M&E) and chairing the Committee on Economic and Professional (CEPA) affairs.  I was pleased to be involved with both of these committees during times of change for the society, during Covid 19 for M&E and during a declining job market and shifting sectors for chemistry jobs for CEPA.  Working with the membership of M&E and ACS staff, we have worked to provide platforms for Virtual meetings and now are shifting to defining and implementing hybrid meetings to enable the continued sharing of science and innovation among chemists as well as providing new structures for collaboration.  I also co-led the presidential task force on the future of meetings which made recommendations for how the ACS National and Regional meeting will evolve over the next 5-10 years to meet with needs of meeting attendees and allow the ACS to be at the cutting edge in scientific conferences. While on CEPA, I was honored to be on two presidential task forces analysis future career needs for chemists in a changing employment climate.  As I am also running for the Philadelphia Local section board of directors, I bring many years of service to the local section and look forward to guiding the section to meet the needs of its’ many members over a large geographic area.  The section remains vital and current, and is recognized by National as one of the leading sections in the country.


Daniel Fonseca, Senior TS&D Technologist, Dow Coating Materials – Paper, DOW

Education:  BS Biochemistry, Albright College, Reading, PA, 2010

Professional Positions:  The Dow Chemical Company: 2012-present; R&D/QC Chemist at United Chemical Technologies: 2010-2012

Honors and Professional Societies: Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America; Best Poster Award at the Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley 2012 Symposium; Member of Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI): 2018-present

ACS Membership:  Philadelphia Section: 2010-present

National Participation: Associate member of the Committee on Technician Affairs (CTA): 2020-present

Statement: I am excited to run for the position of Councilor for the Philadelphia Local Section. I have always been interested in becoming more active in the ACS and specifically the Philadelphia Local Section. At Dow, I was a founding member of the Northeast Technologist Organization (NTO) and was the chair and co-chair for two years and learned a lot. The purpose of the NTO is to help develop technicians and technologists in their careers and help them become better advocates for themselves. This has become a passion of mine and last year I became an associate member of the Committee on Technician affairs (CTA). My reason for joining that group was to learn more about how we can get more technician involvement in the ACS.

My goal for the section is to improve the image of how the ACS is only for PhD scientists. I believe there is much value in the ACS for technicians and we need to find new ways to engage that part of our scientific community. I hope that with my background within my own company and with my work with the CTA I can help improve technician involvement in the local Philadelphia section.


MARTA GURON, Managing Director, Center for Sustainable Separation of Metals, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

EducationBA Chemistry, Cornell University, 2004; PhD Inorganic Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 2009

HonorsNomination for Junior Faculty Teaching Award, Villanova University (2018); Community Service Award (2008)

ACS Membership:  2004; Philadelphia Section:  2004

National Participation:  ACS Green Chemistry Institute Module Developer for Sustainability in General Chemistry using Systems Thinking, 2021; Presenter in ACS GCI meeting, 2021; Presenter and Participant in several national ACS meetings

Local Section Participation:  Participant in Career Services Offerings

Statement:  As a relative novice but quiet participant in the broader ACS environment, I can now see how my skills and interests can work to better serve the ACS Philadelphia Section.  I have served as a Program Director in a non-profit group providing enrichment in STEM for minorities, and I have served as Program Coordinator for a program bringing STEM educators into the K-12 school systems.  I have taught at the high school level, community colleges, liberal arts colleges and in large research universities; these experiences have allowed me to gain diverse experience in the varying environments and differing needs among these groups.

I am running for Councilor to involve myself in ACS leadership to bring the diverse perspectives from my background to the forefront.  My passion for sustainability and commitment to service to the community, particularly as it relates to STEM hands-on activities, will bring that lens into the conversations around policies and programming.  Being a woman in STEM and seeing some of the challenges and opportunities that female chemists face, I see my role as that of promoting inclusion and celebrating differences. These experiences allow me to bring a unique perspective on the intersection of sustainability, inclusion and service.


KATHRYN LYSKO, Immaculata University, retired 2015

Education:  BS Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1970; MS Analytical Chemistry, University of Massachusetts 1972; PhD Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts ,1980

Professional Positions:  Full Professor Chemistry, Immaculata University, 1994-2015; Consultant, GlaxoSmithKline, 1990-1994; Adjunct Professor, Montgomery Community College, Maryland, 1985-1989; Adjunct Professor, Portland University, Portland Community College, Montgomery College, Portland Oregon, 1980-1984

Honors and Professional Societies:  Northeast Association for the Health Professions, Chair of Pre-professional Committee – 15 years Immaculata University; Phi Lambda Upsilon, 1968

ACS Membership:  1997-Present

National Participation:  Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B), 2019-present; Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (National YCCCEPA), 2015-2017, Liaison from CEPA to National YCC

Local Section Participation:  Councilor 2019-2021, 2014-2016, Board of Directors 2017-present, 2014-2016, Alternate Councilor,2017-2020, 2006; Career Services Committee, 2017-2020, Philadelphia Section Finance Committee, 2017-present

Statement:  I am a retired chemistry and biochemistry Professor my last position was with Immaculata University for 22 years. I am applying to be Councilor for the Philadelphia ACS section for another term. My academic background gives me insight into how to generate new chemists and student ACS members. I am a Councilor (2019-2021). I am on the Constitution and Bylaws National Committee 2019-present. We prepared ACS Governing Documents for a final vote by councilors in San Diego. This past year we certified the proposals which the Council approved to modify the requirements for Committee membership. I was on the ACS National Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs 2015-2016, identifying the employment needs of industry and helping academia adapt their curricula. I was liaison from CEPA to the Younger Chemists Committee. The CEPA committee worked on the employment and marketing concerns with the national ACS staff developing surveys to collect pertinent data. Currently I am working on updating the Philadelphia Section’s Bylaws with Ivona Sasimovich, Jim Murray and Joe Martino.

I am also a member of the Philadelphia ACS Finance Committee working to position our ACS investments to best support our program and section needs.


DANIEL MILLER, No Biography Provided


James K. Murray, Jr. Professor of Organic Chemistry, Immaculata University

Education:  BS Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 1996; PhD Organic Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 2003

Professional Positions:  Immaculata University 2001-present; Rohm & Hass Company, Philadelphia/Bristol, PA, 1992-1993; SmithKline Beecham Company, Upper Merion, PA, 1994-1995

Honors and Professional Societies:  ACS Philadelphia Section 2011 Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Chemical Science; ACS Philadelphia Section 2021 Outreach Volunteer of the Year (VOTY) Award; Philadelphia Organic Chemist Club

ACS Membership:  1993; Philadelphia Local Section, Divisions of Chemical Education (CHED), Organic Chemistry (ORGN), Medicinal Chemistry (MEDI), Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB), and Biological Chemistry (BIOL).

National Participation:  ACS Career Consultant 2019-present

Local Section Participation:  Career Services Committee Chair, 2020-present; Local Section Chair 2019, Board of Directors, 2017-2022; Councilor, 2015-2017

Statement:  I look forward to standing as a candidate for Councilor for the ACS Philadelphia Section.  I have demonstrated leadership experience from my year, 2019, as Chair of the Philadelphia Section and currently as Chair of the Career Services Committee.  From my biography above I have continually strived for excellence in all my professional activities, as seen by my selection in 2011 for the college level teaching award and by 2021 VOTY award.  I have broadened my horizons by joining and becoming more involved with a number of technical divisions, and other groups, within ACS, in particular the Eastern US YCC Partnership.  From this involvement I have grown to further understand the governance structure and operations of ACS.  With a firmer understanding of the organization, I feel that the time is right for me to give back and volunteer my time and talents to being a member of the governing body, representing the members of the ACS Philadelphia Section.

I want to be able to use my skills, at the governance level, to represent the members of the ACS Philadelphia Section and ACS as a whole.


THOMAS R. SIMPSON, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Director of Pharmaceutical Product Development, Department of Chemistry, West Chester University of PA; Principal Consultant, Therasayer Discovery LLC

Education:  BS Chemistry, Allegheny College, 1989; MS Organic Chemistry, University of Rochester, 1991; PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Rochester, 1995

Professional Positions: Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (Research Chemist, Senior Research Chemist), Wilmington, DE, 1994-2000; AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Scientist, Principal Scientist I, Principal Scientist II, Associate Director, Senior Project Leader), Wilmington, DE, 2000-2010; Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (Research Project Leader, Senior Research Fellow), Ridgefield, CT, 2010-2016; West Chester University (Tenure-track Associate Professor, Tenured Associate Professor), West Chester, PA, 2016-present; Principal Consultant, Therasayer Discovery LLC, West Chester, PA, 2017-present

Honors and Professional Societies:  ACS; Chair of the Medicinal Chemistry Gordon Research Seminar 2021; Chair of Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club 2018-2019; Faculty Advisor for Gamma Sigma Epsilon (National Chemistry Honors Fraternity at WCU) 2020-present; Faculty Advisor for Pre‐Dental Society (at WCU) 2017-present; Robert and Marion Deright Graduate Fellowship 1992-1993; Elon Huntington Hooker Graduate Fellowship 1991-1992; Sherman Clarke Fellowship 1990-1993; Alden Scholar Award 1988

ACS Membership:  1990; Philadelphia Section:  2016

National Participation:  Participant at multiple meetings and events

Local Section Participation:  Participant at multiple meetings and events

Statement:  I am thrilled to have been nominated to run for both Director and Councilor positions for our Local ACS Section.  Our Local ACS Section provides a wide range of communication, programming and outreach to our membership and is an important framework for our local chemistry community.  While I have been very active in organizations serving chemists in our area, I have yet to participate in any leadership roles within our Local Section.  If elected to these positions I will work tirelessly to maintain and expand the quality and accessibility of our Local Section supported activities in the following thematic areas:

Expand participation and derived value for students of all ages (from ACES at young ages through to quality scientific presentation opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate student levels at meetings and events).

Expand career services participation and derived value for chemists with a focus on supporting chemists through transition periods (from student to professional and from one job opportunity to another).

Enhance community outreach and public perception of chemistry professionals (engaging the non-science community through social media and fun widely accessible events).


VICTOR J. TORTORELLI, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Ursinus College

Education:  BS Chemistry, Manhattan College, 1974; MA Organic Chemistry, Princeton University, 1976; PhD Organic Chemistry, Princeton University, 1980

Honors and Professional Societies:  Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Chemistry Medal – Manhattan College; The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching; NSF Fellowship Summer 1986; NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, 1991; Executive Secretary of the Intercollegiate Student Chemists (ISC), 1996-2017

ACS Membership:  1973; Philadelphia Section:  1979

Local Section Participation:  Board of Directors, 1993-99, 2003-present; Alternate Councilor 2020; Chair, 2000; Past-Chair 2001; National Chemistry Week Committee, Chair 2001– 2003; Publication Committee, 1988-present, advertising manager of the catalyst 2019 – present, 1989-2002: Co-chair MARM 2007, Budget and Finance Committee chair 2015 – present

Statement:  I would be honored to serve as a Councilor for the Philadelphia Section. I would do my best to represent the Section at the national level and fulfill my duties with an enthusiasm and vigor that have characterized my past professional achievements.

Most of my ACS service work has been at the local Philadelphia Section.  Having recently retired I should have more time and my flexible schedule will allow me to participate more fully in the ACS at the national level.  As a Councilor for the Philadelphia Section I would work hard to ensure the continued success of our Section.

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