Anthony W. (Tony) ADDISON, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Drexel University.

Education:  B.Sc.(Hons.), Applied Chemistry, University of New South Wales, 1968; Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Kent at Canterbury, 1971; postdoctoral fellow, Northwestern University, 1970-72.

Professional History: Assistant Prof., University of British Columbia, 1972-78; Associate Prof., Drexel University, 1978-91; Professor 1991-2017; Associate Dept. Head, 1987-99; Dept. Head, 2000-03.

ACS Membership:  1974–; Phila. Section: 1978-; Inorganic Division (1974-) & Bioinorganic Subdivision.

Honors and Professional Societies:  Elected ACS Fellow, 2012; Member, Royal Society of Chemistry (1969-, elected a Fellow, 2008, Member, Dalton Division, Inorganic Biochemistry, Electron Spin Resonance, & Macrocycles Subject Groups); Member, Chemical Institute of Canada/Canadian Society for Chemistry (1974–); Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (elected a Fellow, 2016); International EPR/ESR Society (2002–); The ACS Philadelphia Section Award, 2016; ACS Philadelphia Section Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service, presented at the Section Centennial Gala, April 1999; Le Conférencier, la Convention Intercantonale Romande d’Enseignement du 3e Cycle en Chimie, Switzerland, October 1990; Christian & Mary Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1987; The John van Geuns Fonds Lecturer, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 1985; Elected Honorary Member of Phi Eta Sigma, 1982; Australian Commonwealth Scholar (1964-67); Adjunct Associate Professor, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Memorial Hospital at Camden, 1991-2009.

Local Section Participation: Section Chairman, 1989; Publications/Communications Committee (1979-, Chair 1981-87); Member, Section Board of Directors, 1987-90; Section Nominations Committee (1990-91); Chairman, ad hoc Committee on Awards for Excellence in Pre-College Teaching, 1991; Section Alternate Councillor, 1994-97, 2019-2020; Section Councillor, 2003-2018; Member, Section Awards Committee, 2006-2008; Section Liaison to Mid-Atlantic Region Board, 2013–

Regional Participation: Program Chair, 30th Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM), Villanova, PA, 1996; Program Co-Chair, 39th MARM, Collegeville, PA, 2007; Member/Associate Mid-Atlantic Region Board 2005–; Member, Mid-Atlantic Region Awards Committee, 2010, 2013-2015.

National Participation: Associate/Member, Committee on Meetings & Expositions, & Regional Meetings Subcommittee, 2008-2015; Member, ACS National Award Committee, 2007-09; Associate & Member, ACS Joint Board/Council Committee on Publications, 2016-2020

Statement:  I should be pleased to continue to be included in voicing at the ACS Council meetings the views of our Section’s members on matters of interest to our Section.  It’s important that you exercise your vote in the election of your local ACS Section’s officers, and that you communicate with them and tell them what you want from your local Section and from the national level, and also tell them what you have to offer in turn.  Since previously serving as a Councilor for a period from the early 2000’s, I have attended nearly all of the the ACS National Meetings since then, often in conjunction with a research presentation by myself or by my students.  It’s been my observation, that the ideas and opinions that are voiced at Council really do guide the course of the Society’s activities and development.  As a Member of the Society’s Committee on Meetings & Expositions, I was able to propose successfully that Philadelphia be the site of the 2020 Spring meeting.  I assured my colleagues that we’d have perfect weather for it, which unfortunately I was wrong about.  But it didn’t matter anyhow !   I hope that those of you who’ve been associated with our Section for a few years have found my past semiannual “News from Council” articles in the Catalyst to be appropriately reflective of the Philadelphia viewpoint, while offering occasional insight into what’s controversial or significant in the Society that will affect us.


(Revised 1999)
GEORGIA A. ARBUCKLE-KEIL, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden, NJ; Masters in Chemistry Program Director, 2004-10; 2011-17.

Education: BA Rutgers, The State University of NJ, 1983; PhD University of Pennsylvania, 1987.

ACS Membership: 1982; Philadelphia Section: 1982.

Honors and Professional Societies: Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service, Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society, 2006; E. Emmet Reid Award given by the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) of the American Chemical Society for outstanding achievement in teaching chemical sciences at small colleges within the Mid-Atlantic Region, 2005;  Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society Excellence in Undergraduate Education in the Chemical Sciences Award, sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc., 2004;  Provosts Teaching Excellence Award, Rutgers University, 2000.

National Participation: Member, Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS), 2015-20; Associate Member CCS 2012-14; Member Affairs Committee (MAC), 2009-11; Member, Admissions Committee, 2005-2009; Associate Member, Admissions 2003-2004; Associate Member, Project SEED, 2004.

Local Section Participation: Councilor 2002-2010, 2012-2020, Alternate Councilor 2011, Chair, Philadelphia Section, 2001; Philadelphia Section Board of Directors, 1994-02.

Statement: (Councilor 1998) Councilors attend the national meetings and volunteer year-round in support of society goals. Thank you for your support that has enabled me to participate at the national level. My service has ranged from associate member on the Project SEED committee to my current membership on the Committee on Chemical Safety.  As a former Project SEED mentor, I support the work of Project SEED that involves high school students in hands-on research during the summer.  The Member Affairs Committee (MAC) works to engage current and future ACS members. As our careers change, our needs change; ask for help locating ACS resources which are developed to support you throughout your career.

As a member of the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS), I applaud the recognition of safety as a core value of the society.  Recently, I had the opportunity to serve on the sub-committee of CCS which revised the publication for undergraduate students: “Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories: Best Practices for First- and Second-Year University Students” now in the 8th edition. A PDF copy is available free of charge at:

I am currently working with a sub-group to update academic safety videos; this project was delayed due to COVID-19 challenges, but I would like to continue to serve on this project. I have volunteered and with your support I will continue to serve the society.

Please allow me to continue to serve the society at the National level by re-election as Councilor!


MICHAEL CASTALDI Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Widener and Jefferson Universities, 2018-Present, Lead Science and Math Teacher. C-2 Education, 2018-Present.

Scientist in Residence and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, St. Peters University 2010-Present

EducationBS, Chemistry major, History minor. St. Peters University, 1977,

MS Columbia University 2014, M.S. in Science Education Columbia University

Title of Dissertation: A Case Study to Identify Factors that Enhances Student Learning in General Chemistry

Doctor of Science in Chemistry Hill University 2011

Statement:I am currently the chair of the senior chemist committee for the Philadelphia section and have served as a director for past few years.  As I have also served as and alternate councilor as well, I would like to become more involved with governance as a full councilor.  This would allow me to become more involved with the national ACS organization.  To that end I have recently been accepted as a Career Councilor for the ACS.  I am committed to the ACS as an excellent association which has given me great opportunities to grow as a scientist.  Upon retiring from Pfizer, it was the ACS which helped me network and develop my current dream job as a chemistry professor.  I hope to help both the local and national ACS to attract younger chemist to join and become involved with our organization.  They like our students are the future of chemistry and the chemical sciences.


revised 2001
MELISSA BETZ CICHOWICZ, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, West Chester University of PA, West Chester PA.

Education: B.S. Chemistry, Saint Joseph’s College, 1978; Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Maryland-College Park, 1984.

Honors and Professional Societies: ACS; Fellow, American Institute of Chemists (AIC); Iota Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma Pi (Honorary); The Abbe Society (Honorary); Academy of Teaching Excellence, VA Polytechnic Institute and State Univ., 1979; Chancellor’s Teaching Award, Univ. of MD.-College Park, 1984; Meritorious Service Award, Philadelphia Section ACS, 1994; Glenn Ullyot Service Award, Philadelphia Section ACS, 1997; WCU Faculty/Administrator of the Year, 2003.

ACS Membership: 1978; Phila. Section: 1984

Local Section Participation: Secretary 1996-97; Teller’s Committee, 1988-2001, 2004-2008; MARM Technical Program Committee, Organic Program Organizer, 1989 and 1996; National Chemistry Week Committee, Education Sub-Committee, 1989; Membership Committee, Chair, 1990-92; Continuing Education Committee, 1991-92; National Chemistry Day speaker, 1987; Delaware Valley Chemistry Week Poster Contest, Chair, 1990; National Chemistry Week Planning Committee, Poster Contest Committee, Co-Chair, 1991-92, member 1992-present; Board of Directors, 1990-present; Younger Chemists Committee, 1991-96; Councilor, 1992-94; Local Section Graduate Student Research Poster Day Co-Chair, 2001 and 2002; Expand Your Horizons activity presenter, 2001-2005; Chemist in the Classroom presenter, 2000-2005; Chair-Elect 2003; Chair, Awards Committee, 2003; Philadelphia Local Section Chair, 2004; Immediate Past-Chair, 2005; Chair, Nominations Committee, 2005; Section Awards Committee, 2007-2008, 2010-present.

Statement: (Chair-Elect 2001) I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the positions of both Director and Councilor of the Philadelphia Section; having been involved with ACS for over 30 years, I feel my experience and training have prepared me well for these important positions. I have previously served as Secretary in 1996-97 and Section Chair in 2004 (as part of the 3-year rotation of Chair-Elect, Chair and Immediate Past-Chair), and am currently completing my most recent term as Councilor, so I remain familiar with the workings of our Local Section and the needs of our membership at both the Local Section and National levels.

In my previous two terms as Councilor, I served on CEPA (Committee on Economic & Professional Activities) and gained important experience regarding the workings of Career Services at the National level. This year I have been appointed to MAC (Membership Affair Committee) and have been learning about the various ways in which membership packages can be structured and priced. I would very much like to continue my service on this new Committee to broaden my experience at the National level.

In my recent term as a Local Section Director, I have been asked to lead an academic liaison group, and have worked with the Chair-Elect to determine ways in which I can interface with other academic departments to improve & increase involvement of students and faculty in Local Section activities. If re-elected as Director, I will continue to work on that initiative and try to bring innovative ideas into how shared programming can benefit those at academic institutions across our region, an especially important concept in today’s circumstances.

In the future, I would like to see our Society pay more attention to activities that will promote the public image of science, and that will serve the diverse needs of our membership. We need to expand our efforts in the area of public outreach,  and work with school-age children through diverse and innovative programs. We as chemical professionals also need to be willing to serve as a resource to community organizations and school teachers at all levels.

Responsiveness to the needs of our members should also incorporate the cultivation of new members, and the retention of existing members. Targeted events or activities could be directed toward groups with special needs such as chemists recently transferred into our region due to corporate realignment, those new to the profession because they are recent B.S., M.S.  or Ph.D. graduates, or those who have experienced a career change. All should be welcomed into the Section as a source of new ideas and fresh talents.

Our Society has tremendous potential to be a force in promoting scientific literacy and we in the Philadelphia Section can be leaders in that effort through activities such as the Philadelphia Science Festival, PAGES and participation in science fairs. In addition, we should continue to work with other professional organizations to achieve that goal. If elected, I pledge to work with those groups mentioned above, in addition to the dedicated group with whom I am already familiar, to make our Section even better than it already is.


JUDITH CURANO.  Head, Chemistry Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Education: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, M.S. (Library and Information Sciences), 1999; University of Rochester, B.A. (Chemistry, English), 1998.

Professional Societies: Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre Board of Trustees: Chair, 2018-2020; Vice Chair, 2016-2018; Member, 2014-date.  Special Libraries Association Chemistry Division: Professional Development Chair, 2002-2008, 2019-date; Membership Chair 2007-2010; Liaison to ACS CINF, 2014-date.  University of Pennsylvania Women in Chemistry board, 2004-date.

Honors: ACS Fellow, 2020; Special Libraries Association Rose L. Vormelker Award, 2016.

ACS Membership:  1999 Phila. Section:  1999

National Participation: Committee on Ethics: Chair 2018-date; Member 2017-2018; Committee Associate 2016.  Bylaws Councilor 2015.  Committee on Committees: Member 2013-2015 (Liaison to SOCED and CTA); Joint Board-Council Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service: Member 2008-13, Committee Associate, 2007;  Division of Chemical Information: Past Chair 2015, Chair 2014, Chair-elect 2013, Secretary 2008-2009, Chemical Information Bulletin editor 2011-2012, 2016-date; Education Committee member 2001-2003, 2005-2007, 2009-2012, 2017-date; Communications and Publications Committee member 2010-2012, 2016-date.

Local Section Participation: Councilor, 2009-2014; 2017-2019; Alternate Councilor, 2005-2008, 2015-2016, 2020-date; MARM Abstract/Program Book Chair, 2007.

Statement:  In my position at the University of Pennsylvania, I work and interact with a broad spectrum of the ACS membership, including research and teaching faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, publishers, information professionals, and industry chemists.  Not only am I aware of the strengths and needs of all groups, but I also see potential connections that will allow them to benefit from one another’s experience.  Philadelphia is a large local section, and I would like to work with others throughout the section to learn what our members want and need from ACS; to explore new methods of delivering relevant virtual or decentralized programs to our membership, offering greater opportunities for involvement within our diverse community; and to convey our section’s needs to national leadership.  Through participation at Council meetings and on national committees, I hope to use this understanding effectively to represent the needs and viewpoints of our diverse membership on a national level and to bring back useful information on ways in which our local initiatives can dovetail with national happenings.

One reason that I entered the chemical information profession was my strong interest in improving methods of communication between current scientists.  I believe that activities within the Philadelphia Local Section can allow members to connect on an individual level and give them a venue in which they can communicate and suggest improvements to both the local section and the ACS as a whole.  I hope to continue to use my own connections within ACS and the University of Pennsylvania to help the directors and officers of the Philadelphia Section brainstorm and develop excellent programs, advertise them to the membership, and communicate our successes at a national level.


ELLA L. DAVIS, Laboratory Director, STEMversity/Vice President CAPS-ATL, 2013-2017; Team Leader (Retired), Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, McNeil PPC – a Johnson & Johnson company (formerly Pfizer Inc.), Lititz, PA, July 2003 – November 2007; Research Chemist/Supervisor, The PQ Corporation R&D Center, 1976 – 2002

Education:  Master of Business Administration, Alvernia University, May 2010; B.S. Chemistry, Drexel University, 1980.

ACS Membership:  1978; Phila. Section: 1978.

National Participation: Council Policy Committee, 2019-2021, 2018, 2017; Committee on Membership Affairs, 2014-16 Secretary 2016, Committee Associate, 2013.

Local Section Participation:  Councilor 2012-2020, Alternate Councilor 2011, Chair 2008, Director, 1993-2007, 2010-2018. Initiated the establishment of a local section committee on diversity.  Contribute to WCC and the PAGES program.

Honors and Professional Societies: National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, National President, July 2001–June 2003; National Vice–President, 1999–2001; Executive Board Member-at-Large 2005-2010 term; National Meeting Planning Committee, Registration Chairperson, 1994–2001 & 2005 – 2009, Delaware Valley Chapter past President, Treasurer.

Statement: It has been a privilege to serve as a Councilor representing Philadelphia ACS. My election by the National Council members to serve a three-year term (2019-2021) on the Council Policy Committee (CPC) represents a particular honor and has given me the opportunity to participate in the governance of our society and to contribute input that represents the interests our section.

We are all too aware of the challenges that face us today. The job of the CPC is to ensure the work of the Council continues. This includes planning the “virtual” Council meeting this fall and the “new” Council of the future.

My specific interests include supporting members professional careers, educating the public on technological issues and encouraging students in STEM particularly educationally disadvantaged groups underrepresented in sciences. I pledge to continue to work to further these interests and those that are of particular importance to our section.

I humbly request your support for reelection as councilor. Please note that to continue to serve on the National Council Policy Committee requires me to be an elected member of Council. Thank you for your consideration and, ultimately, your vote.


Graham E. Dobereiner, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Temple University

Education: B.S., Chemistry, Brandeis University, 2007; Ph.D., Yale University, 2011; Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012-2014

ACS Membership: 2014-present (Division: Inorganic)

Honors and Professional Societies: William Caldwell Memorial Distinguished Teaching Award, Temple University, 2019; Member, Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), 2019-present

Local Section Participation: Inorganic Topical Group (Philadelphia Inorganic Colloquium), 2015-present; Organizer, ACS Workshop “Preparing for Life After Graduate School,” 2015; Awards Committee, 2019-present

Statement: I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Philadelphia Section of the American Chemical Society. The Section supports many worthwhile efforts in our community, and I am committed to working with Section leadership to enhance existing programs and widen participation in Section activities. I am eager to find new ways to strengthen communications between members of the Section beyond periodic meetings, since every member has the potential to be a resource for others. Since our Section is uniquely positioned to develop scientific literacy in our region, I am also interested in exploring innovative approaches to communicate chemistry broadly, and ensure our discipline is inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.


James K. Murray, Jr., Professor of Organic Chemistry, Immaculata University

Education: BS Chemistry – Drexel University, 1996; MS Organic Chemistry – Drexel University, 1997; PhD Organic Chemistry – Drexel University, 2003

Professional Positions: Professor of Organic Chemistry, Immaculata University: 2001-Present. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute (PDDI): 2015-Present.  Board of Directors, Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute (PDDI): 2015-Present.  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Non-Affiliated Member, Melior Discovery: 2017-Present.

Honors and Professional Societies: ACS Philadelphia Section Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education in the Chemical Sciences (2011). Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club (POCC), Member 1995 – Present, Chair 2015.

ACS Membership: 1993 – National and Philadelphia Local Section.  Member of Division of Organic Chemistry (ORGN), Division of Medicinal Chemistry (MEDI), and Division of Chemical Education (CHED).

National Participation: ACS Career Consultant: 2019 – Present.

Local Section Participation: Chair: 2019; Board of Directors, 2016 – 2018; Councilor, 2015-2017; Alternate Councilor 2020-2022; Career Services Committee, Chair Present; Chair ad hoc committee on By-Laws Revisions 2019-Present.

Statement: I am standing as a candidate for Councilor to serve the members of the ACS Philadelphia Section at the national level.  I have served the ACS Philadelphia Section at the highest level and want to take my experience and leadership skills to the national level.  Representing the Philadelphia Section, an ACS classified “very large section”, at the national level will allow me to bring issues, concerns, and ideas regarding the future of chemistry, and the ACS, to the Society at large.  We are living in trying times and it will be through collaboration and communication that will help shape the future. It will allow the chemistry profession to exceed expectations and be a driving force for change.  My outreach efforts during 2019 allowed me to gain valuable experience in communicating with members.  These conversations allowed me to see what our members were thinking and feeling and aided me during my chair year.  I would embrace the opportunity to do this for the membership on the national level.

Salas-de la Cruz

David Salas-de la Cruz, Associate Professor and Director of Chemistry Graduate Program, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University – Camden

Education: BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez; MS, Chemical Engineering, Villanova University; PhD, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania.

Professional Experiences: Salas-de la Cruz has more than 15 years of industrial and academic research experience. He has worked at Kimberly-Clark, LifeScan (a Johnson and Johnson Company), Rohm and Haas (Dow Chemicals), and Holtec International. In addition, he served as Consultant for Local Motors and Shell Oil Company.

Board of Director Experiences: Vice President of Thermal Analysis Forum of the Delaware Valley (2018-2020); Leap Academy University Charter School Board Member (2013-2014); American Institute of Chemical Engineer Board of Director Members (2004-2009)

ACS Membership: 2013; Philadelphia Section: 2014. Served as ASC SEED Mentor in 2015, 2016, 2017

National Participation: Cellulose Division Poster Judge (Orlando, FL 2019) and Cellulose Session Chair (Washington, 2017).

Honor Societies: Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Dela Kappa

Statement: It is indeed a great pleasure to be nominated for both the Counselor and Board of Director Member, for the Philadelphia Section of the American Chemistry Society. I am excited about this opportunity to represent my colleague and my local scientific community and to be one of the spokesmen to the general public community.

If elected, I will seek to:

  • Encourage the participation of more chemical professionals by supporting career growth and networking. With more than 20 colleges and universities in the region we can easily provide an avenue to connect them with career training, continued education and networking.
  • Encourage the participation of more local K-12 Chemistry teachers. Teachers are the first voice of our field. The more excited they are, the more students will apply to our programs. I will try to help increase their participation in our organization, in grant and events.
  • Provide support for minority students, scientists and professions. As a minority, I know the struggles one faces with language and cultural barriers. I hope to help in creating the network of professionals that could assist with writing and communication skills.
  • Represent our local organization at the ACS National Conferences

Increasing the participation of chemical professional and teachers and by increasing the network with faculty members, we will close the loop by providing a continue path from cradle to professional life.


Kathleen Ann (Kathy) Thrush SHAGINAW, Ph.D., Particular Solutions, Inc. (a consulting firm founded in 2001 specializing in chemical education), Community College of Philadelphia (since 2001), industrial chemist with Cabot Corporation, the PQ Corporation, Engelhard Corporation, and Exxon Chemical Company (1984 – 2001).

Education: B.S. Chemistry, Oakland University, Rochester, MI  1978; B.A. Mathematics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI  1978; Ph.D. Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX  1984.

Honors and Professional Societies: member of the Chemical Consultants network (since 2001); American Association of University Women (AAUW) (since 1988, numerous positions, including Branch President; honored by the Easton, Northeast Montgomery County (NEMCO), and Makefield Area Branches as AAUW Education Foundation Named-Gift Honoree and Woman of the Year; and served on PA AAUW State Board of Directors (2008 – 2012)); Delaware Valley Science Council Board (since 1999, President 2004 – 2006); Villanova University Bridge Builder Award for Excellence in Teaching Undergraduate Students with Learning Disabilities (2005); Elizabeth Bingham Award by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Women In Science (AWIS) (2008); ACS national Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC) (2011–2015, Tools, Technologies, and Operations Subcommittee Vice-Chair 2013 – 2015; Communications Subcommittee Vice-Chair 2015); ACS Philadelphia Section Volunteer of the Year (2013); and ACS National Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) (2016 – 2017, Awards Subcommittee).

ACS Membership: 1978 (1976 as student affiliate); Philadelphia Section: 1997.

Local Section Participation: Chair Women Chemists’ Committee (WCC) (since founding in 1998); Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) Program Chair  (formerly Expand Your Horizons, since 1999); Board of Directors (since 2001); Diversity Committee (since founding in 2001); Chemical Consultants Network (since 2001); Salute to Excellence Award (2006); Philadelphia Section Service Award (2006); Alternate Councilor (2008 – 2009, 2016 – 2017); Councilor (2010 – 2015, 2018 – present); and Volunteer of the Year (2013).

Statement: I have been active in the Section since moving here area in 1997. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the Philadelphia Section as Director, Councilor, and Alternate Councilor. I ask for your vote for Councilor so that I can creatively represent you and build a stronger ACS.

I am proud of the success of the Women Chemists’ Committee, including the Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) program.  This event has reached thousands of girls inspiring them to explore STEM careers. The event is a great networking opportunity for scientists and teachers.

As Councilor, I focused on assisting Local Sections be all that they want to be. On the national Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC), I served as a subcommittee Vice-Chair, providing access to resources that facilitate and support enriched engagement among the LSAC, Local Section Leadership, and other stakeholders.

On CPRC, I serve as Chair of the Awards Working Group.  I am passionate about improving public understanding and appreciation of chemistry’s contributions. It is important to engage and support members in effective communication and proactive public outreach.

As Councilor, I will utilize my experience in industry, academia, and community organizations to create opportunities that enhance members’ professional and personal development, and increase the visibility of the Philadelphia Section.

Thank you for your vote.


Revised 1997
VICTOR J. TORTORELLI, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Ursinus College.

Education: B.S. Chemistry, Manhattan College, 1974; M.A. Organic Chemistry, Princeton University, 1976; Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Princeton University, 1980.

Honors and Professional Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Chemistry Medal – Manhattan College; The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching; NSF Fellowship Summer 1986; NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, 1991; Executive Secretary of the Intercollegiate Student Chemists (ISC), 1996-2017.

ACS Membership: 1973; Phila. Section: 1979.

Local Section Participation: Board of Directors, 1993-99, 2003-present; Chair, 2000; Past-Chair 2001; National Chemistry Week Committee, Chair 2001– 2003; Publication Committee, 1988-present, advertising manager of the catalyst 2019 – present,  1989-2002:Co-chair MARM 2007, Budget and Finance Committee chair 2015 – present.

Statement: (Director 1996) I would be honored to serve as a Councilor for the Philadelphia Section. I would do my best to represent the Section at the national level and fulfull my duties with an enthusiasm and vigor that have characterized my past professional achievements.

Most of my ACS service work has been at the local Philadelphia Section.  Having recently retired I should have more time and my flexible schedule will allow me to participate more fully in the ACS at the national level.  As a Councilor for the Philadelphia Section I would work hard to insure the continued success of our Section.


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